where it all began

In 1981, the famous American novelist, Paul Erdman, wrote in his bestseller The Last Days of America: "We went to a restaurant near the train station, Café de Paris in Geneva, which has the best rib butter of any place on earth to eat." What a wonderful compliment! To achieve such international recognition, Café de Paris has had to assert itself over the years, from 1930 to the present day, always with the same passion and respect for its customers.


This precious heirloom is the only true recipe for Café de Paris butter! Indeed, in 1930, Mr. Boubier, then owner of the "Restaurant du Coq d'Or" in Geneva, invented for the pleasure of his customers, a highly original butter embellished with multiple spices, herbs and other ingredients, thus creating the true "Beurre Café de Paris". Accompanied by grilled beef, it quickly became a great success. Mr. Boubier then entrusted his secret recipe to his daughter, whose husband, Mr. Arthur-François Dumont, was the owner of today's Café de Paris at Rue du Mont-Blanc 26 in Geneva. The latter had the excellent idea of transforming his establishment, then a brasserie, into a restaurant offering just one dish: beef entrecôte topped with this exquisite, subtle butter. This highly original approach and the ideal location, near the Cornavin train station, soon made the place very famous. What's more, Mr. Dumont, a man of action and openness, showcased this unique recipe at the Exposition Nationale de Lausanne in 1964 and, more audaciously, at the Exposition Universelle de Montréal in 1967. He even traveled to Iran to personally cook for His Highness the Shah. After more than 38 years at the helm of Café de Paris, Mr. Dumont, without a direct heir, sold his establishment and his secret to Ms. Aline Abriel, then owner of Le Parisien in Geneva. A small, energetic and dynamic woman, she quickly imposed an organization dedicated to quality customers and adapted to the restaurant's growth. This meticulous, structured approach is still one of Café de Paris's strengths today. Taking advantage of the presence of numerous international organizations, she introduced her restaurant to a wide range of personalities. In 1989, after 5 years of collaboration, she handed over the restaurant to one of her nephews, Mr. François Vouillamoz, to manage it and maintain its reputation for excellence.


François Vouillamoz, a native of Isérables (VS), forged in the crucible of the mountains and endowed with an unfailing will to succeed, perfected his professional background at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève and during various internships in London and Corfu. He quickly became accustomed to the demands of running such an establishment. Under his impetus, successive transformations enabled the Café de Paris to gain in aesthetics, convenience and space for its customers. Its interior, in the purest style of the Parisian brasseries of the 1900s, and its terrace, located on the pedestrian street, guarantee customers a very pleasant atmosphere. Such a pleasure had to be shared! International development of this wonderful product began in 1999. Through partners in the Persian Gulf, the first franchised restaurant opened in Dubai in 2004. Other restaurants subsequently opened in Switzerland, Europe and the Persian Gulf. In 2011, the name was changed to "Chez Boubier, Café de Paris" to reflect its origins.


Many investors are interested in becoming Chez Boubier, Café de Paris franchisees, and benefit not only from its exceptional butter, but also from the know-how honed over more than 90 years. The brand will continue its expansion plans. Mr. François Vouillamoz and his children, Diana and Jérémy, are working to ensure the company's continuity, customer satisfaction and future expansion. Of course, one generation follows another, writing a beautiful story, here and elsewhere, that of a unique butter, always imitated but never equalled. The most beautiful secret that can be preserved is the love of a craft that only customers feel and appreciate when they come to one of our "Chez Boubier, Café de Paris" restaurants.

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